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I play a Dusty 36 string lever harp. These are sometimes called folk harps, but my harp is a full-sized, walnut floor harp, similar in size to the one in these photos.

As a harper, I play mostly Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, and classical music, with some modern pieces of my own arrangement thrown in as they fit into the colour and style of my gig book.

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado - about an hour north of Denver and an hour south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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Laurel's Hands I am available to play for private parties, dinners, teas, weddings, and receptions. I also do business parties.

I am happy to do demonstrations (private, at parties or in schools) and especially like to show children the harp. It is a pleasure for them and for me as it truly is a magical instrument.

I am also available for beginner's lessons.

Thank you for your interest.

If you are in need of a harper with my skills, then please contact me at harp-at-vanmaren.us to discuss availability and price. A demo CD is available upon request.

If you find that you are not in my part of the country, please check out the Harpers For Harmony link to find a harper in your area.

If you would like information on how to get started playing the harp, click here

Laurel Van Maren

Mountain Laurel

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